Think chalkboard paint has to be black? That's so last year!

Think chalkboard paint has to be black? That's so last year!

We now offer chalkboard paint in any colour you can think of! The days of only black chalkboard paint are a thing of the past!

Whether you're using it for a statement wall in your home, your child's bedroom, or for a variety of fun crafts. You are no longer limited in the colour of chalkboard paint you use! 

Chalkboard paint ideas you can do today:

  • Paint a mirror with chalkboard paint. You now have a framed piece of art you can move around the house. Add a favourite quote or keep it blank for the kids to use! 
  • Create a chalkboard backsplash. It's both beautiful and functional! You can write down any recipes or groceries you need directly on to the backsplash. 
  • Create chalkboard wine charms if you have cheap wine glasses that you want to customize. Create them by painting the base of the glass. Guests can now customize the bottom of their glass! 
  • Paint your planters with chalkboard paint so you can easily label them! 
  • Paint a tabletop to turn into an empty slate for art or games.

No matter what your idea is for your chalkboard paint, the sky is the limit! The best news? ben Chalkboard paint available in smaller quart sizes, you can easily experiment in a range of colours.

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